Who is Create Your Glow?

At Create Your Glow we are passionate about supporting you to take action and make changes by finding your purpose and identity and creating an empowered future that helps you think, feel and glow

Empowering Women to uncover those limiting beliefs and emotions that cause frustration, overwhelm and resenment that are not only impacting their life but also those around them. We identify these and then eliminate them to empower Women to

How did Create Your Glow come about?

I have worked as a registered nurse for 20 years, including areas of neonatal intensive care, research, ethics and governance and managing Victoria’s only Breast Milkbank.

I gained my Master's in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing by research, where I undertook an independent research study and wrote my thesis.

I've experienced challenging workplaces, cultures and personalities which have left me frustrated, burnt out and overwhelmed.

My career focused on providing better health care options for patients with the emotional health of the patient, their family or myself often put to the side as the physical condition was deemed the priority.

This led me to gain qualifications in the field of emotional healthcare and to start Create Your Glow. This has allowed me to work with and empower frustrated, burnt out and overwhelmed women to uncover and eliminate their limiting beliefs and emotions which allows them to live the life they deserve and empower women to find their inner glow!
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